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Simulation API - Save settings without meshing

Question asked by Tobias Lang on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Tobias Lang

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to prepare several static simulation studies via api to later run a bunch of them via task scheduler.

When trying to save the mesh settings, I am encountering the following problem:

Although I am setting the SaveSettingsWithoutMeshing - property to 1, Solidworks is still somehow computing anything.

Even with the property on, a CWR file was created and when trying to save the mesh settings with a finer mesh size, Solidworks need more time to run the CreateMesh command.

Here is my code for meshing the part:

// Mesh
cwMesh = (CWMesh)Study.Mesh;
cwMesh.Quality = 1;
cwMesh.SaveSettingsWithoutMeshing = 1;
cwMesh.GetDefaultElementSizeAndTolerance((int)swsLinearUnit_e.swsLinearUnitMillimeters, out double def_size, out def_tol);
errCode = Study.CreateMesh((int)swsLinearUnit_e.swsLinearUnitMillimeters, custSize, def_tol);

Does anybody have a similar experience with the meshing or can tell me how to solve my problem?