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    Having issues with layered structure (large difference in shear moduli)

    T Znabei

      I am making a model of a laminated glass panel, and I am now doing a 2D structure analysis of the problem.

      The materials have a very large difference in shear modulus. Even if I use a very fine mesh, I get a result with a very large error (I checked the stress error plot).

      Any idea on what I could do to solve this?

      It is a layered beam on hinged supports loaded by a distributed load. The beam is a layered profile of 2 times 6 mm glass with 2 mm interlayer with a low shear modulus and a low elastic modulus.

      I also tried nonlinear analysis, and this gives me unrealistic results ..

      picture of the mesh:


      The error in the linear calculation is very large at the interface of the different materials: