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    Why are Decals handled so badly in E-drawings?

    Graeme Edwards

      This seems completely random.

      I have an assembly with 4 main configurations, each with 2-3 variations of the main decal which are in configurations.

      When I generate an E-drawing with 10 configurations, some display correctly, some display with artifacts on the decal, and some don't display the decal at all.

      This seems to change each time I generate the E-drawing, with different configurations working or not.

      I've turned on "store"decals in model" Ive done forced rebuild of all configurations before saving as E-drawing.

      All display just fine in SW, and render properly.

      Anyone got any other ideas?


      I'm using Solidworks Pro 2018 SP4

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          Eric Hasan

          Do you have a sample file you can share?

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            Joseph Richter

            I hope that I can contribute some meaningful tips to help solve this problem.  I also have been frustrated by this issue.  In my testing, I have found that any decal that has been saved within the part or assembly*(Tools/Options/Document Properties/Model Display, the option 'Store appearance, decal, and scene data in the model file') does not appear to publish or save to eDrawings consistently.  So I would recommend turning this option off, which will require you to pick a folder to move the decals, previously embedded in the part file.


            In addition I recommend saving and storing your decals in a Directory that has been mapped under Tools/Options/System Options/File Locations, Custom - Decals AND Custom - Appearances.  After doing this I have found that my decals are publishing more consistently*(Please note I was NOT testing multiple Configurations or multiple Display States, as that would be an entirely different study that may change your results).


                Also I was testing out different raster file types, as I thought that may have something to do with it, however every raster format that I tested appears to be working, including a PNG with Alpha Channels.  And I even tested layering a decal over a texture*(Old English Brick).  See the attached eDrawing part*(Decal test for Raster image file types.eprt), and Pack & Go*(Decal test for Raster image file types.zip) for your own testing.


            Additionally here are a few other tips that may help to make your eDrawings look even better:

            -The Tools/Options/Document Properties/Image Quality setting translates to the saved eDrawings *(the quality for the tessellation mesh).  Obviously High image quality will not be good for Solidworks performance, do this only for your eDrawings publishing, then change it back to a low setting.

            -The Lighting applied in Solidworks is also brought into published eDrawings.

            -Dual Colors issue-When making a part with a metallic color, it uses 2 shades of a similar color, the Primary is most visible in Solidworks*(without real view), however it is the Secondary Color that shows up in eDrawings*(Blue in Solidworks, Red in eDrawings.SLDPRT). Please set the Primary and Secondary to be the same for consistency.