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    CSWE exam prep materials

    Mohamad Bana

      I'm planning to take the CSWE Exam soon, and I have no access to the prep material on  CSWE Exam Prep Course | MySolidWorks Training . I must Upgrade my Account to Professional to be able to access them, but I don't have a license, so I can't upgrade my Account.


      Is there anyone of you guys, Who have a Student Engineering Kit (SEK) or Student Edition (SWSE) Licenses or have Access to this Material on( https://my.solidworks.com/training/path/16/cswe-exam-prep-course ) ?


      If Yes,

      can you record this videos and send them to me?

      I will pay 50 $ for them.


      I really can't learn with Books very well and there is no other prep Material on the internet. So I really Need them.