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    Need to slow end-mill down

    William Finch



      I am an instructor trying to integrate Solidworks CAM into my student-shop "workflow".  We have several inexpensive, benchtop, CNC, imported mills.  They're beefier than a Shapeoko, by far, but still pretty flexible.  The axes are driven by steppers with a TinyG controller.  So, the feed rate is limited not by the tool, I think, but by the machine.  If we run above 10 - 20 ipm, depending on material and cut, we start losing steps and the everything goes to *&#&$^@#* fairly quickly.


      So, I'm trying to limit the feed parameters of an HSS end mill I entered into the Technology DB. I change the spindle speed to 3000 RPM and the feed per tooth to 0.0005, which should give about 6 in/min for a four-flute end mill. I found a post-processor for a Laguna router, which should match pretty well with the TinyG.  But, when I "post-process" the GCode sets the spindle at 12,000 rpm, the depth of a roughing pass is about 0.043, and the feed rates for cutting (G1, etc.) are about F31 for plunge and F124 for cut.


      What I want is:  3000 RPM, about 0.025 depth for a rough cut, and a feed rate of about 10 ipm.  (I'm beginning to suspect this is a simple, newbie question...)


      How do I force the post processor to use these values?





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          Michael Buchli

          Happy Monday!


          Feeds and speeds can be controlled in multiple ways with SW CAM.  One quick question, in the operations you are defining the feeds and speeds correct?  you can define these in the techDB but they will be tied to a specific operation so if you are using a different operation than what you defined, it will default to what was loaded with the software.  In the TechDB you can also specify machine spindle speed which will lower the max of the machine output in case an operation is not defined. 




          Normally, when I customize a techDB for a specific machine.  I program the parts how I like them to come out, change the feeds and speeds per operation or tool and then use the "save operation plan" button to capture these settings, this will allow me to create new operations or over write the default.  This makes it easier to teach the system the settings you want.  You can always go into the techdb and adjust them at anytime or update as you progress with programs and settings.


          The feeds and speeds defined per operation are what gets output into the posted files for your machine. 



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              William Finch

              Thanks Mike!


              I made some progress and made GCode with the lowered feed rates after many "Save Operation Plan".  Not sure how to make it the default.  So, when students generate a tool path, they don't have to change every operation.


              Also, in what file does this information reside?  My students use Solidworks on our School's computer network and move from machine to machine.  I'm assuming they might want to put the configuration files in their local directories and "point" SW to the correct folder.  So, what gets saved?...and where?

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                  Michael Buchli



                  These settings are stored in the Technology database.  These databases could be copied to each machine through an image or you can put the technology database in one location and have all the machines point to it.  Below is an image of where the techdb resides and where you can point it to a new location.



                  To set the updated info as default, use the Default feature strategies button on the SW Command manager.  This will allow you to define what operations load by default.



                  You will change the settings and then click, save to tech db.



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                Ajay Kumar R.

                Hi Mr.Finch,

                     I gone thru your post. Happy to see questions like this We can control the CORNER SLOW DOWN parameters easily in SW CAM. Actually we have a fantastic enhancement to control CORNER SLOW DOWN parameters at your finger tips this year [SW CAM 2019].

                     After extracting the features,

                     Go to CAM OPERATION TREE-> Right click on Feature [what you would like to control]-> Edit Definition-> Choose "F/S".

                     Then, Click on drop down option. Choose "Operation"->  Now look @ down, you can control Spindle Speed, Feed Per Tooth and Feed Rate values.

                     By controlling the Corner Slow Down parameters, we can REDUCE TOOL WEAR & can INCREASE TOOL LIFE in a highly manner.


                Kindly find the Images below for deep understanding.

                Cam Operation tree.jpgStep 2.jpg


                Hope you got it. Queries are most welcome. Thank you Mr.Finch