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Assemblies are changing proportions in views

Question asked by Brian Smart on Nov 19, 2018

I'm not sure how to explain this, except that when I open a Solidworks file in Composer, the scale of the parts is what I expect them to be, normally proportioned. When I save a new view or update an existing view, the parts on the screen and in the view window stretch or squeeze so that everything looks taller or narrower than it should. If I double click the display to re-center the parts, or move things around, it will pop back to the normal dimensions, then back to the unproportional scaling when I update the view or save a new view. I've been using Composer for more than 5 years, through several upgrades, and on several different computers, and I've see this issue numerous times. It is a random issue and I can go for weeks or months without seeing it, then it suddenly comes back.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this, or has an idea what could be causing it?