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Need help modifying existing macro to run through all configurations

Question asked by Matt Zellmer on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Matt Zellmer

I am a little over my head as I am still trying to learn VBA but I need to figure out how to get a Macro that I downloaded to run through all configurations. We have a outside company creating some models for us and they have left a lot of reference geometry and sketches visible and we need it to be cleaned up. I sent them a macro that I have been using for awhile that cleans the models up but only works on the active configuration. The concern is that all the models have a lot of configurations so going through each one is very time consuming. So that brings me to adding the option to run through all configurations at once which I have been able to integrate this (Iterate Through All Configurations Example (VBA) ) into other macros that I have worked on but the one I am working on now is way more complex than what I am used to.


I attached the macro that I am working with and have so far added into the form that pops up when running the macro a check box to run through all configurations as seen below but I am at a loss on how to add the configuration changing string and have it be controlled by the check box.


I know that #TASK can do what I want to but the company we are working with and my own company at that are very strict on what software we can install so a single macro is the ideal way to go for now.


Thanks in advance to any help.