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Importing sketches using Convert Entities

Question asked by Helen Chae on Nov 16, 2018

Hello, I'm working with files provided by my professor.


If you'd consider this as a human, the backbone is already created and I'm working on the breast portion. Below screenshot is superimposed as an assembly.

For each back bone, there is a little face meant for joints, and each of these faces need to be attached to the breast I created, which means that I need to make holes and slots on the breast on the exact location. I want to copy the profile of backbone joint-faces on to the breast part.



While all the backbones are identical, they are assembled onto a curvature which causes each of the faces to be on a different plane. I can go the hard way by measuring the angles of each backbone joint surface in regards to the front, top, right plane, but I don't think this would be something I'd want to do due to accuracy. I tried using convert-entities on the backbone assembly to sketch up the profile of joint-faces, but I'm not sure if there is a way to copy both the sketch and plane. Could you help me please?