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Browse file for pack and go and set the recording location?

Question asked by Rainar Poleoluline on Nov 16, 2018


I need help. I try to learn the API and macros, but it`s still complicated. I downloaded one macro: "Pack and go". It`s working fine, but I want it to be more comfortable to use.

Steps what I want to do:

1. open solidworks (today 2017 but soon I have 2019)

2. I press the macro "pack and go" button

3. Then, I want to browse a solidworks file

4. Then I want to choose location for save

5. END

And one small thing more - why does this macro change the letters size in file name?


Macro code is here:


Sub main()


Set swApp = Application.SldWorks


' Open assembly

openFile = "c:\Users\me\Documents\Folder 1\Subfolder 1\Subfolder 2\File name.sldasm"

Set swModelDoc = swApp.OpenDoc6(openFile, swDocASSEMBLY, swOpenDocOptions_Silent, "", errors, warnings)

Set swModelDocExt = swModelDoc.Extension


' Get Pack and Go object

Debug.Print "Pack and Go"

Set swPackAndGo = swModelDocExt.GetPackAndGo


' Get number of documents in assembly

namesCount = swPackAndGo.GetDocumentNamesCount


Debug.Print " number of model documents: " & namesCount


' Include any drawings, SOLIDWORKS Simulation results, and SOLIDWORKS Toolbox components

swPackAndGo.IncludeDrawings = True


Debug.Print " Include drawings " & swPackAndGo.IncludeDrawings


swPackAndGo.IncludeSimulationResults = True

Debug.Print "  Include SOLIDWORKS Simulation results: " & swPackAndGo.IncludeSimulationResults

swPackAndGo.IncludeToolboxComponents = True

Debug.Print "  Include SOLIDWORKS Toolbox components: " & swPackAndGo.IncludeToolboxComponents


' Get current paths and filenames of the assembly's documents

status = swPackAndGo.GetDocumentNames(pgFileNames)

Debug.Print ""

Debug.Print "  Current path and filenames: "

If (Not (IsEmpty(pgFileNames))) Then

    For i = 0 To UBound(pgFileNames)

        Debug.Print "    The path and filename is: " & pgFileNames(i)

    Next i

End If


' Get current save-to paths and filenames of the assembly's documents

status = swPackAndGo.GetDocumentSaveToNames(pgFileNames, pgFileStatus)

Debug.Print ""

Debug.Print "  Current default save-to filenames: "

If (Not (IsEmpty(pgFileNames))) Then

    For i = 0 To UBound(pgFileNames)

        Debug.Print "   The path and filename is: " & pgFileNames(i)

    Next i

End If


' Set folder where to save the files

myPath = "C:\Users\me\Documents\Folder 100\Subfolder 100\Subfolder 200"

status = swPackAndGo.SetSaveToName(True, myPath)

' Flatten the Pack and Go folder structure; save all files to the root directory

swPackAndGo.FlattenToSingleFolder = True



' Add a prefix to the new Pack and Go filenames

swPackAndGo.AddPrefix = "SW_"

' Verify document paths and filenames after adding prefix

ReDim pgGetFileNames(namesCount - 1)

ReDim pgDocumentStatus(namesCount - 1)

status = swPackAndGo.GetDocumentSaveToNames(pgGetFileNames, pgDocumentStatus)

Debug.Print ""

Debug.Print "  My Pack and Go path and filenames after adding prefix: "

For i = 0 To (namesCount - 1)

     Debug.Print "    My path and filename is: " & pgGetFileNames(i)

Next i

' Pack and Go

statuses = swModelDocExt.SavePackAndGo(swPackAndGo)

End Sub