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Text in Solidworks drawing block is randomly bolded when physically printed out?

Question asked by Maximilian Wagg on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by Steven Mills

When I create my Solidworks drawing, I am including a block with some text in it. That block is based on a template used by other drafters in my company, and I copy-pasted the block into the two documents that I am currently working on. When I finished with the document, saved it, and then used the Save As to save as a .pdf. In both the .slddrw and the .pdf previews, the text appears to be normal; however, when it was physically printed out, some text blocks were bold and others were regular text, and I cannot seem to find a correlation between the two. For some reason, one block's text is completely fine, no issues, but the second one is bolded with no pattern whatsoever.

I have tried:

  • checking to see if there is a second block behind/beneath the first that might be creating the illusion of a thicker text by sitting at a very small offset,
  • re-typing all of the text in the text boxes (both the bolded and regular text),
  • moving the block to see if the placement on the page is a factor,
  • selecting the text, making it bold, then returning it to regular text.
  • printing different paper sizes to see if something is wrong with the scale


None of these seem to have any effect on this random bolding, so I am wondering if it is a problem with Adobe's pdf program. However, if anyone can provide some insight as to why this might be happening, that would be very much appreciated.