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complex design

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by Dwight Livingston

I've been asked to do a bit of writing on "complex design". The request came from a marketing person who may or may not understand the request. If you as a CAD user were to want to read about "complex design", what sorts of things would you expect to read? From the context of the request, "complex design" appears to be different from surfacing, and is probably related to assemblies. Here are some of what I think this means, tell me what you think:


  1. skeleton techniques (like a backhoe where the mechanism is driven by a sketch)
  2. assemblies with a lot of parts/patterns (large hadron collider)
  3. assemblies with a lot of relationships between parts (plastic injection mold)
  4. master model - a 3D shape, probably made from surfaces, drives the model (like a car or a vacuum cleaner where many different parts make up the overall shape)
  5. complex from a simulation/analysis point of view (composite airframe)
  6. using many different design/manufacturing techniques (riding lawn mower - weldments, plastics, sheet metal, castings, machined parts, forged parts, etc...)
  7. tight tolerance precision, like optical alignment equipment



If you could suggest a model that you think embodies complex design, that might be most useful for me.