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    Reaction Forces Won't Show

      Not sure if my copy of SW Office Professional has gone buggy or I've made some unknown change to my set-up but my Cosmos will no longer show reaction forces. Run the test, select the constrained face, and select "update" and nothing happens. Anyone have experience with this?

      Dave Trent
        • Reaction Forces Won't Show

          Which version do you use?

          I hope you are checking reaction force on constrained geometry.

          I faced this bug long back and got it fixed.

            • Reaction Forces Won't Show
              Hi Jayakumar,

              This is on my copy of SW07 SP4 Office Professional. Yes, I've tried to diagnose using the simplest test condition - rectangle with fixed constraint on one end and longitudinal force applied to opposite end. The system refuses to show the reactions. I've run the same test on a collauges SW08 with no problems. Seems like a bug to me.
            • Reaction Forces Won't Show
              This is what happens when you guys use cracked copies of the software. Sorry but this is not something you may want to resolve asking to people on this forum which is for who owns a legal license for the software.
              Buy a student version and ask as many questions as you have.
              Hope it is clear!!
              • Reaction Forces Won't Show
                I am not accusing anybody. It just seemed to be you were asking help for a cracked copy of the software.
                If it is incorrect please forgive me, but the principle stays the same for future discussions.
                Thank you for your collaboration!!
                  • Reaction Forces Won't Show
                    The following quote; "This is what happens when you guys use cracked copies of the software." certainly sounds like an accusation to me. I would very much appreciate it if you would refrain from defaming my reputation and character on a public forum. I do not feel compelled to provide you with the documentation verifying the legality of my license but suffice it to say that I've been a LEGAL SW user since 2001. I seldom post on the forum but I've never been exposed to such a ridiculous response. Times are difficult in our field right now and posting inflammatory information helps nobody. I will take any further commentary regarding this issue off of the forum.

                    Dave Trent
                    Owner - Lafayette Design Associates