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New drawing, starting from template. Promp box to insert specific blocks and tables/cut list, contingent on variables entered..

Question asked by Anthony Wilhelm on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by Christian Chu

My first thought; a dozen macros.

But for full company use purposes, I'd prefer to have a 'smart' prompt box.

I also don't want to have 37 templates.


Hoping the 20 second 'start selections' will save ~5 minutes per drawing - times XXXXX drawings.

Just a couple selectable items, that will fill out specific properties, and insert specific blocks, tables, views, etc.



     1) Select your part type: Weldment, weldment- safety relevant, sheetmetal-bent, sheetmetal-welded, general parts, alteration

     2) Select generalized description: Leg, Beam, Carriage, Riser, Plate, Bracket,...,..., other

Drawing spits out a more customized 'start' to the drawing.


Thanks in advance.