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New SW PDM Standard User Questions

Question asked by John Pesaturo on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by John Pesaturo

So we've recently (end of last week) upgraded to SW PDM Standard and I had a general usage/operation question before I get too deep into teaching myself anything improper.


With the older PDM Workgroup we had a "Workgroup" folder on our local machines where all of the day to day info was kept and checked in from. This folder also contains the "SW Auto Recover", "SW Log Files" and "SW Temporary Files".


Now with the upgraded SW PDM Standard most of the folders are still being populated with back-up files, error logs and auto recover files as the day to day operations go on.


My question is whether or not I should be saving my save/save-as files to this folder or if they should be saving to the SW PDM Vault where it always directs me. Of course all of our files we actually want in the vault are supposed to go there and I have zero issues with that but the files such as DXF's that we save out for vendors or the misc. PDF's for customer reference and so on don't need to be in the vault in my opinion. This just ends up frustrating me due to the fact that every time I save out a file of this type I have to click to my desktop, find the PDM Folder, and point the file there instead.


Over and above that, we're getting used to the new Vault and can see the benefits over the older PDM Workgroup. We're just struggling initially with all the differences.


Off Topic: Feel free to link me to any key topics of interest for new users. I'm sure we'll have a number of questions as we get deeper into utilizing this great tool.