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Part Weldment & Cutlist in drawing and Missed Balloon

Question asked by Loganathan Nagamanickam on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by Loganathan Nagamanickam

Hi Solid works Users,


                             I would like to hear a solution for my problem in a detail drawing for a Part Weldment  (Fabrication Drawing) with Respect to Cut list Items (BOM) and to the Missed Call out (Missed Item/Balloon Number in drawing).


                            Here my Question - if a Part Weldment consist of 20 Bodies (20 Cut list Items in a BOM), if we create a drawing for this part weldment we will show details & Balloon Call outs for these 20 bodies (Cut list Items in a BOM- which is described plate/flat bar/rubber etc.).  Is there any possible ways or commands or Macros to find out the Missed Balloon (Callout) in the drawing. For Example. I missed to call or to show Item 15 (Balloon 15) in the drawing, please let me know how can I find out the Missed Balloon callout.


                          If anyone knows the solution, please give a solution.