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FX570 outperforms FX3500??

Question asked by 1-E9PSO0 on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by John Matrishon
Hi All,

I've recently cobbled together a second CAD computer for a colleague. It's the same spec as mine - Dell Optiplex 745, etc etc, only difference at present is it only has 1Gb or RAM vs my 2Gb. I have ordered RAM to bring them both up to 3Gb. Both are 2yrs old, not hot by todays standard but good enough to do the job for another year till i7 CPU's and Win7 64 bit is out and stable, at which point we'll upgrade.

My machine runs an FX3500, and I couldn't spring for a new FX3700 for this machine. Reading the tips here, it seemd the FX570 was a good bang for buck option, with the added bonus of not requiring an additional power plug, which required a power supply upgrade in my machine.

To my surprise the FX570 runs really great, easily outperforming the far more expensive 2yr old FX3500. The machine with the 570 is running two 1920x1080 19" LCD's, while my machine runs one 2560x1600 - both a similar number of pixles.

To rotate a large assembly on my machine, many of the parts drop back to a 'block' form untill the part stops rotating (both machines run a spacenavigator), while on the machine with a FX570 everything stays in full detail.

My FX3500 only started doing the 'drop to block form' after I reformatted and installed SWX2009, prior to that it didn't do it. I am running driver, which is the only one of the two 'certified' drivers which do not cause my machine to crash.

So is it reasonable that an FX570 should outperform a FX3500, or is there something not right with my 3500? It does seem odd that performance dropped quite a bit after the 2009 install. I am using the default settings in driver 162.65 with setting 'Dassault Systemes Solidworks' aside from having 'Vertical Sync' set to 'Force off' as advised here.

Sorry for the long post. Any opinions welcomed.