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Please explain why add new view acts differently that a normal view.

Question asked by Deniece Hopkins on Nov 14, 2018
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So I often do drawings of complicated assemblies.  I'll explode the assembly just the way I want and position it so I can see every part clearly.   I then go to my drawing and insert current view so it comes in just the way I want.  Well, this time it was more complicated than usual so I did "add new view" after I got it just the way I wanted so I could make a few more changes and not worry about moving the assembly.  I then went into my drawing and inserted that view name.  It looked good so I decided to crop the view the way I wanted and crop view would not work.  The whole drawing disappeared.  So I decided to forget about the crop and just finish my drawing.  I tried to insert a line but it wouldn't snap to any point like it was just a photograph.  So I went back to my assembly and brought up that view then went to my drawing and instead of inserting that view name, I inserted current view and it all worked great but it came in at a different scale.  So explain to me why this happened.  What is different about ADD NEW VIEW that doesn't exist with my other pre-programed view options.