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Flow results not responding as they should

Question asked by Clint Messing on Nov 14, 2018
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Long time user, first time on the forum......


I am running a Flow Simulation on a nozzle and the results are not responding as expected. Please see the picture.


I have the simulation set up as an external analysis. The inlet boundary condition is on the nozzle with a volume flow rate of 50 gpm, I am using the pre-defined "slurry" as the material and have gravity turned on.


The results show the flow coming out of the nozzle and not hitting the pan surface as it should. I have run this analysis with several different materials (water, apple sauce, etc.) and all are giving pretty much the same results. I have turned gravity on/off, switched directions and so-on. I figure I have a setting wrong somewhere but cannot figure out what it is.


Any help would be appreciated.