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Solidworks 2019 Inspection Addin not properly capturing "circular' dimensions

Question asked by Jared Cooper on Nov 14, 2018

Just upgraded to Solidworks 2019 from 2018, and since the upgrade, Inspection Addin isn't properly capturing dimensions based on circular features, such as Radius, Diameter, Thru Hole, and Thread Callouts. This does not appear to be happening on dimensions based on Linear features. It also seems limited to when the features are some of the first features selected for inspection. In the attached screenshot, Inspection dimension ID#1 is registering as a "HoleCallout", instead of as a "Dimension". Also, the Sub-Type is showing as "NA". I can go in and manually add the tolerance values and have them populate correctly in my reports, but it is a bit of an inconvenience that didn't seem to exist in Solidworks 2018 Inspection Addin.


Also, I seem to be noticing that when i am calling "@valueclean" within my templates, Thread Descriptions are coming in as "0" instead of the thread callout text, as they did in SW2018 Addin. If i call "@value", i get the proper text, but i also get the standard Solidworks formatting.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated