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Sheet name synced to part model custom property

Question asked by David Dewey on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Voverrr Mironoff

I would like to have the sheet that a part appears on in a drawing appear in a custom property in the part so I can display it in a column in the BOM. This will allow a user to look at a line item in a BOM and know which sheet that part appears on.


We are planning on adding this to our BOM and right now it appears that this is going to be tedious.


I'm already running a macro prior to printing that links all of the views to the BOM and changes them to high res, so I'm already traversing all of the views.


We are using multi sheet drawings. In addition, there are multiple part views on each sheet. Based on space, we may move views to other sheets. We often pack and go and we are also using driveworks. Obviously for the driveworks stuff I can drive a lot of that, but for the legacy stuff and the non driveworks stuff we ideally want to have some automatic solution.


Any insight someone could offer would be greatly appreciated!