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toolbox version problems

Question asked by Robert Eppig on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Dmitry Ofitserov

I have Solidworks version 2018 and installed 2019 to try it out before jumping in full time.  But now hole wizard will not work in 2018.  It works in 2019.

The error in 2018 is the toolbox version is not correct it expects v21 and sees v22.  I assume v22 is for 2019.

In options - toolbox/hole wizard the file location pointed to is c:\solidworks data.  In there is a file "toolboxversion.dat" and I assume when

I installed 2019 it over wrote 2018's dat file.


Does anyone have a 2018 dat file?  Do I need to point the file location somewhere else?  Where are the toolbox/hole wizard files located?

Does anyone know how to fix this?  I am not ready to jump to 2019 full time yet.