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    Loft changes circle into non-circle

    Marek Petrzilka


      I have one issue with loft feature. When I create the loft from two sketches then I select "close loft" and of course 3 guide curves....it makes a loft as I wanted but it is not circular as I expected (it is not a perfect circle but an elipse or something not circular - you cant measure its diameter, only its lenght)


      So my question is why the loft feature makes non circular edges even thou the guiding curves were circles..????


      speaking about those three red "circles" and even the inner one is not a whole line but is made from multiple arcs..





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          Paul Salvador

          Hello Marek,..  although you are using edges which are analytical, the mixing of a Loft feature (older feature with some limitations) around a rotated feature.. can be a double "edge" sword, as you have shown here.... so, in this case, Loft is not a good options.. and Boundary works better.

          however,.. since I'm more of a surfacing person,.. so, I'd suggest you Delete the top surfaces and do a Boundary using the edges and Knit.. (image/file attached).. either way,.. Boundary works better than Loft in this case.

          bndry 1.png

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              Marek Petrzilka

              Hi Paul,

              tyvm for your advice, that was it - loft made around rotate feature. It wasnt a big issue (x-y axis difference of created elipse was 0,05mm) but I was curious why it happened. And because I am new to Solidworks and opposite to you absolutely NOT-surfacing person I didint even think about using surfaces in this case.

              I made it using boundary / knit and it created three perfect circles, thanks again.