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    PDM dynamic pdf custom properties for office to pdf.

    Ronald Michaud

      The 2018 admin guide for PDM details a task to convert an office document to a pdf and how to map the custom properties from the office file to the pdf file. These instructions can be found beginning on page 330. On page 468 the admin guide details how PDM professional will let users read or write custom properties of PDF's using the PDF plug-in.

      Has anyone had any success in accomplishing this? I have followed the instructions precisely working from excel workbooks with named ranges linked to custom properties that on their own work perfectly through the workflows updating signatures as needed and other document property variables. I created a task and mapped the variables as detailed in the instructions. My transitions and states are all configured to update the variables as needed and this works well for the excel documents. But in spite of my many attempts the pdf document fields will not update. The task action does create the custom properties in the pdf, that part is working. But the pdf custom properties are not mapped to anything in the pdf document upon creation even though the donor excel files custom properties are.

      The administration Guide claims this is possible but the instructions are clearly missing some details.