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    Square up an exported weldment body using coordinate system?

    Jason Warnke

      I have a part file that is a weldment.  It was modeled in context of my assembly such that the base plate of the weldment is parallel/perpendicular to the standard orthographic views/planes.  The weldment also has an opposing side plate that is not relative to standard planes (it is on a compound angle; relative to something in the product within my main assembly model).  I want to be able to export each piece of my weldment to a separate linked part file (we often do this at my company for laser purposes - laser will be used to cut individual plates; but the laser operator prefers a part file for each piece).  I have no problem 'inserting into new part' each body/piece of my weldment; but the coordinate/origin of the new part file is always the original coordinate/origin setup of the source part - and this makes for an irritating problem when I drop the view into a drawing (I can zoom relative to a face, but without manually rotating the view I can't get the piece to square up; since it uses the original source model planes).  I know there is a way to export to a Parasolid/step/etc to use a unique coordinate system; but is there a way to insert-to-new-part from a weldment model and make the inserted part use a unique coordinate system?  If not, is there a better way to get models that reside in compound orientations with respect to their planes into a square orientation for detailing?

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          Jason Warnke

          About the best solution I've come up with for this is to insert the piece into a new part, then insert that new part into a new assembly, mating the plate faces to the standard planes, then insert the assembly file of the part into my drawing for detailing.  Seems to work ok....perhaps there is a better way to do it though without jumping through a few hoops and making an extra file?  Whatever gets the job done though I guess ….*shrugs*….