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Structural Members in an Assembly, not Part

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Ruben Balderrama

No. Structural Members go in a Part. That Part goes in an Assembly. Right?

Not this time.


My coworker has been working on a troublesome assembly and today he figured out why it keeps crashing and crashing.

Below the Mates folder, among existing Patterns, three Structural Members have appeared. Any attempts to suppress or delete these will crash. Any attempts to alter any SM which is properly contained in the Parts, crashes it. It crashes a lot. Clearly something is very wrong.

And why in the expletive is there a Defeature in the tree above the Origin? Is that related? It was not purposefully created. He was able to select and delete the defeature since this pic, after I pointed it out to him. SM's still crash it if attempted to delete, though.



I'm going to submit it to VAR and shake the tree for a fix, if he can even Pack & Go the file.

In the meantime, has anyone ever seen this? Is there a way to proceed easily?

Timeframe of backup to before this began failing would lose more work into it than it is worth at this time. He was also going to replicate this good system into another adaptive system via Save_As, but now that it's so messed up, we're holding off from that.