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    User cannot Checkin File

    Gary Hamm

      User has checked out a file, and now cannot check it back in, warning message says checked out on another computer, but it shows its his computer name that it is checked out on. I have tried rebooting, and checking in from both explorer view without Solidworks open, as well as opening the file and trying to check-in via the Task pane.

      Also I went into the administration tool and gave him admin privileges just to rule out a permissions issue, (no luck).

      Anyone experience this and have a resolve?


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          Greg H.

          couple things to test, might not get you anywhere, but at least you can verify there is odd behavior (it's like tech support asking if it's plugged in)


          1) do a search on the user's checkout files.  Compare the computer name of other checked out files to the one giving trouble.



          2) have the user try checking in another checked out file.


          3) try an undo check out. You don't necessarily have to follow through with the undo, but it should give you the same warning if it's on another machine.


          I like turning over many rocks when trying to figure out issues like this.  Sometimes they lead to answers, sometimes I need to find new rocks.

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            Michael Abi-Kheirs

            Hi Gary,


            I experienced this a few times in the past. I'm sure there are some other tricks but one that I used as a last resort was to login as the admin and force check-in the parts. You will loose any saved changes that the other user made though so be careful.


            You'll have to activate this feature in the Admin Panel to allow Admins to check-in other user's work.


            I'm not using PDM at my new company so I'm not able to send you any screenshots unfortunately. 

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              S. Casale

              Restart the vault server

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                Scott Stuart

                When this happens to me I don't dig too deep to find out why it happened, I just do the following work-around.

                1. Have the user save his local copy of the file outside the vault somewhere.

                2. Have the admin do an undo-checkout.

                3. Have the user check the file out again.

                4. Have the user save the outside-the-vault copy back into the vault and check in.


                That works for most situations.

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                  Nadia Shea

                  When you undo checkout, you have to actually click in the undo checkout column on that tree dialogue. It’s an extra fail safe for that action.