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Macro for .STEP from drwaing

Question asked by Dirk van de Ven on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Dirk van de Ven

Hi all,


I am looking for some kind of macro.


For example:


I have a part named 10.12.16.SLDPRT and it has 3 configurations.

The corresponding drawings are called: 10.12.16A.SLDDRW, 10.12.16B.SLDDRW and 10.12.16C.SLDDRW (3 configurations).

I would really like to have a macro that when i have the drawing of one of the configurations opened (For example drawing 10.12.16C.SLDDRW is open) and i click the macro button, it saves the configurated part in the drawing as 10.12.16C.STEP. If i open drawing 10.12.16B.SLDDRW and click the button it should save the part in the right configuration as 10.12.16B.STEP in the folder where the drawing is at.


Can somebody help me to make a macro like this or is it even possible?

I have no experience in API and Macro's what so ever so i will probably need alot of help.


Thanks alot in advance!