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"Error: Cannot connect to database. Please verify connection parameters."

Question asked by Andrew Patti on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Benjamin Zuses

When I start Solidworks Electrical 2018 SP4, I get the error:
"Cannot connect to database. Please verify connection parameters:

Database: (database)

Hostname: (hostname)

User ID: (my user id)"

When I click "OK", I get another message:

"Database of projects is not opened. Verify your license or database version."

When I click "OK", I go to the main SolidWorks Electrical screen, but I cannot open the Projects Manager, or Archive or Unarchive any environments.

I have verified that Microsoft SQL is installed and running correctly. My company's license info is correct. The database I'm supposed to be working from is present.

This error does not occur with SolidWorks 3D, only with Electrical.

How should I proceed?