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Increase the size on the blue Dimensions leader box and increase Object Snap area of effect?

Question asked by Kenneth Saetrevik on Nov 12, 2018

Is it possible to change the size of the hitbox for dragging Dimension Lines?


The small blue box top left in the image below has a "hit box" that's only a couple of pixels wide/high.
Where can I change (system change preferably) the size of this so it's easier to target using the mouse pointer (for moving/dragging)?
Over time, not having to spend seconds aiming for this will save me weeks of accumulated work time.


How do I change the Snap area of effect?
When snapping to a point/line/etc. I also have to spend too much time aiming. How to make the "magnet effect" larger?


If there's no way of doing it in SW, is there any Registry Edits I can do?
Addons? Hacks?


Lowering the screen resolution is not an option as I'm only using 1080.