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Solidworks Computer Specs and Slow Drawings Help

Question asked by Eric Frissell on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Steve Calvert

Hi all, first of I know the computer spec's for SW have already been beaten to death but l'm really struggling to understand where my current issues are at.  Currently at work our engineering department is a little neglected by IT since they they only seemed concerned with something not working, as opposed to working...but very slowly.  Our models are not overly complicated but they may contain upwards of 1,200 parts and a file size of roughly 30 MB.  The issue that I'm having is excessive time during an assembly drawing rebuild, saving the drawing, moving around within the drawing, or switching sheets.  Also as small changes get made to the drawing such as moving a balloon or annotation it bogs down really quick and I end up needing to rebuild it.  The rebuilds can take up to 5~10 minutes, it's ridiculous, I don't know how our engineering department gets anything done because I barely can.  Computer specs are as follows


Windows 10

GPU - K4000 (411.63 driver)

16 gig ram at 1866 MHz

CPU - Xeon E5-2650 v2 (2.6 GHz; turbo to 3.4 GHz)

HD is not a solid state


Nothing appears to really peg out except for ram which never goes beyond 48% and GPU is usually in the 2200 range.  Max GPU load has spiked up to 70% according to GPU-Z but it's usually in the 2~3% range.


Any idea why this could be?  Anything I'm missing?  I'm trying to get the IT to update the GPU to a P4000 (P2000 at a minimum) and add in another 16 gig of ram.  Anything else that should be considered?  New CPU?