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Configuration Publisher Interface - Checking every option in Ass'y as default?

Question asked by Ryan Buckendahl on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Ryan Buckendahl

    Hello all,


    This is my 1st post on the forums here, although I've been frequenting them for years.  I've got an issue...well, several issues actually, with the Configuration Publisher functionality inside of Solidworks.  I don't have a great deal of experience using it, but I've got an application where I think if I can get it to work correctly, it offers some real advantage.  But I've exhausted every option, rebuilt, researched, tried different approaches and I'm just at a point where I'm a bit stuck in the mud and could really use your help!


     The 1st issue I have is the one that's illustrated in Screen Capture #1 attached.  It appears as though certain texts are being cut-off in the user interface even though other text lines in the same interface have more characters that aren't being cut-off.  This isn't a real big issue, more of a nuisance level issue but thought I'd throw it out there and see if there are any suggestions.


    The 2nd issue I have is also based around the texts in the user interface(s).  In Screen Capture # 2 you see the user interface for a component in its default state in an assembly.  In Screen Capture # 3 you see the same interface after a change has been made from its default state.  Any change (in list choices or checkboxes) results in ALL checkbox texts to shift to their position to the left causing the 1st word of the checkbox text lines to be indiscernible.  Can anyone tell me what's causing this, or suggest a way to fix it?  Again..more of a nuisance level issue here, yet one that weighs enough that a fix would be even more welcome than for my 1st issue.  I saw this topic mentioned in another thread on here (from 2015) and had 900+ views, with ZERO maybe this is just a known bug that can't be remedied?


    The 3rd issue is based around using the 'single row' design table approach.  In Screen Capture # 4 you see the user interface shown for a part in an assembly in its default state.  The top 4 number boxes are empty, which is good, but EVERY checkbox option is shown 'checked' by default.  This condition of the component can't possibly exist.  The component itself is saved in its default state in a condition without ANY of those checkbox options 'active'.  All checkbox options are basically suppression states of the feature.  $State@Standard Convex and so on.  Can someone help me troubleshoot this and suggest a way of having that interface show ALL option UNCHECKED (suppressed) in its default state, please?  I've also created this same part with the 'multi-row' design table approach utilizing many configurations in the part.  This works great for me (aside from the shifting text issue I mentioned above) as far as the correct checkboxes being available/unavailable based on user selection, but the multi-row design table approach doesn't allow for 'number boxes' to be used in the interface.  As you can see in Screen Capture # 5, the "Solidworks Preview" of the User interface does NOT have any boxes checked as default, and when updating the model seems to work perfectly.


   I'm really bashing my head here and would sure appreciate some solutions if anyone could help me out. All help is GREATLY appreciated.  Thank in advance all!