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Importing multi-node linework into Solidworks

Question asked by Nicholas Hayman on Nov 10, 2018

I have an issue with multi 'node' lines slowing down my PC in Solidworks.


I have exported an Ai file from illustrator into a DXF file.

I have then imported the DXF into Solidworks.

In both illustrator and Draftsight (DXF) the linework has many breaks or nodes. When i bring this into Solidworks the nodes remain.


The amount of nodes cause my PC to slow down and crash.

Is there a way to clear up the linework either in Solidworks or Illustrator or draftsight?


The real issue here is that the linework needs to remain as detailed as it is in illustrator where it originated from. Therefore the simplify function in illustrator and the fit spline function in Solidworks are not an option as this changes the linework. I have tried both.


If anyone can help me with this issue then please let me know. Many thanks in advance everyone!