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How to adjust for continuous and discontinuous lofts

Question asked by Brandon Hilliard on Nov 9, 2018

I am trying to create a 3D model from 22 2D images. The image below shows an example of what one plane looks like. I was able to successfully use the autotrace feature on the black-and-white image, and plan on doing so for all 22 planes. My problem is that Solidworks 2018 won't create a loft from plane to plane due to intersecting geometry. I believe the issue is that the software does not recognize where one dark region should end and another begin (these images are planes of a grain bed - each grain is only so thick, and has a front and back side that does not span all 22 planes). Because of this, Solidworks tries to continue the loft of dark regions to other dark regions that aren't actually connected in the real world.


Would anyone have an idea around this? I've tried creating a macro to import a point cloud instead of a .jpeg, but I wasn't sure where to go after all the points were sketched. I've also looked into surfacing tools, but all I could do was create a filled surface within the autotrace borders.


The following images show more in-depth example of my situation.


The dark regions are part of a .jpeg on Plane 11, and the gray sketch is a trace of a similar image on Plane 10. As you can see, some areas differ between the two planes.


Here is a side view to show the plane separation.