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Routing mating/moving question when routing part is used in assembly.

Question asked by Justin Williams on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by Christian Chu



I just started a new job and I am taking over a project where the designer used multi-body parts instead of an assembly for a plastic enclosure. In the assembly that includes the multibody enclosure part there is also a routing part. I need to mate the routing part to a different position. I was able to do this using Move components and smart mates however I made a change I couldn't revert so I had to close and lose that information. Now (the day after adding the mates) I can't use the smart mates to move this routing part at all in the assembly. From what I see in a Google search as well as looking through the official SolidWorks training books on weldments and routing, it seems the process that the previous designer chose is not a good method (per the book: limitations of a multibody part: cannot easily reposition components). Anyone have any advice for moving the routing part (not virtual) in the assembly with the multibody plastic enclosure part?


At this point I'm thinking I'll just recreate it in the assembly (top down method) however routing is still new to me and I would like to understand it better. Any suggestions on how to move the routing part in the assembly or the method I should use to recreate this would be much appreciated.