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Need Help With SolidWorks 2011 Hole Callout Modifications

Question asked by Nathan Engdahl on Nov 9, 2018

As I've been learning Solidworks on my own, I've missed out on some of the easier features, such as Hole Callout, which I stumbled across today.  I did a Google search on Hole Callout modifications, and I found the calloutformat.txt and calloutformat_2.txt, but the changes I need, I don't see available. 


Currently, a callout reads like this:


4 x Ø0.313 <hole depth> .750

3/8-16 UNC <hole depth>.750


I need it to read:


(4) Ø #O (drill size, yes, I know it should be 5/16, but I want to be able to automatically enter lettered drill sizes when necessary) <hole depth .750

TAP 3/8-16 <hole depth>.750


What do I need to be able to change this?  Is it possible to have it automatically read out standard drill sizes, including letter drill sizes?  The parenthesis around the number instead of the "4 x" should be possible, but I have a hunch it may be edited elsewhere.


Any help would be great.