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Linking external blocks...pros & cons

Question asked by Josee Laplante on Nov 9, 2018

Hi to all,


Our design team works in 2D so the 3D modelling team uses CAD blocks to create parts. Up to now we have been linking the files so changes can follow thru. But from what I can see the changes are not applied automatically, we always have to unlink / relink the reference to see the latest information. Is that behavior normal? We have a design assist workflow so at the beginning many changes happen but eventually at some point the design is set and the risk of modification is null. We are wondering if we should continue linking the cad blocks due to the inefficiency of the feature in solidworks but don't exactly know the full impact of not linking them.


In additon twice a year when its time to reset the clock we experience issues relating to these linked files. We have to rebuild them because we get errors saying file is referencing older version. But I guess that's a PDM setup that needs to be ajusted. Anyone else having issues based on time change?