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Can't use smart cotation one Solidworks (multiple versions)

Question asked by Pierre Segura on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Pierre Segura

Hello everyone,


I have a big bug with the smart cotation tool.


When I want to add a cotation to something (line,circle,etc) it dosn't show up the little drawing of the cotations (with the arrows) and when I click the Left mouse button I can add a mesure but it dosen't show up. then Solidworks always display the cotation tool under the mouse no matter what tool i use.


Here is a video to show you the issue :


I try to add a circle, add a cotation and then to draw a line and add a second cotation.


You will see all the paramters I have in the video.


Bug Smart cotation Solidworks - YouTube


The computer I have is :


DELL Vostro 3578

CPU : Intel core i5 8250U

RAM : 8Go

Graphic : Radeon 520.  V18.11.1

Windows 10 Pro 64Bits

SSD 150Go