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#TASK [Save Bodies As Assembly]: Generic Error. #Task failed to run a macro.

Question asked by Taylor Duran on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Taylor Duran

I was reading the forums trying to find ways to boost productivity and saw a lot of the gurus recommending #TASK to task care of repetitive tasks.

I downloaded it today and the library of macro features they have to use is very impressive. I can't believe this isn't talked about more!! Thanks everyone at central innovation!!


I'm still working on figuring out how everything works though.... so if anyone has any words of advice using #TASK I'd appreciate the input.

I've been trying to test out a few things on simple test parts, weldments and assemblies and one of the most useful things I found to implement in our workflow would be the "Save Bodies As Assembly" but when I run it I keep getting an error that says "#TASK failed to run a macro. Please make sure that you can run macros in SolidWorks."


I am able to run other macros directly in SolidWorks and  through #TASK so I have no idea why I get that generic error.

Does anybody know what may be causing this error and how I can fix it?


Thanks in advance