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Batch change file names and properties

Question asked by Ben Galili on Nov 11, 2018
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I have few challenges:



So basically I want to batch change file names with more options than I have in pack and go.

for example, I want to remove the last 6 characters of the file name, insert date etc...  I found a way to do so using "rename Expert". The problem is that I than have to manually select the files when opening an assembly.

is there a way around the problem above?


2. Is there a way to batch change file properties. using the property tab builder I created some properties that I manually fill for every part/assy and they are displayed in the drawing automatically. is it possible to create a macro that takes a part of the file name (lets say the first 12 characters) and puts in it a property I created. and of course, make it for multiple files at once.