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Standard Cables and PDM

Question asked by Rich Thompson on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by 1-BY3W2A

I'm just trying to set up routing here for electrical routes (only) and after much struggling with the odd workflow I think I understand it all and am fairly happy. (Though I think it could be improved) Anyway, I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer.

I use a lot of standard IDC cables and I wanted to set up a standard library of them, I've done this, but have some queries:

1. when I insert a standard cable, SW assigns a filename based on the part number. Obviously this cable could be used in many places all of the same length, but the wire part file would always be different depending on its routing. It seems that this will cause many problems when I try to check the assembly into PDMWorks, as it will try and overwrite a previous wire part with the new one? Am I missing something here?

2. If I insert a standard cable and it then tells me the wire isn't long enough, is there an easy way to go back to the standard cables list and select a longer one? or do I need to delete the route and insert a new one (or make the length not fixed, but this could lead to filename problems as the filename will be the shorter part number)

3. Also, not related to standard cables.. Sometimes I get a 'from-to has been updated' warning msg and prompted to re-import even though it hasn't changed. anyone know why it would do this?

2009 2.1