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Solidworks 2012 SP5 - low response speed on network for save/load

Question asked by Vincent Duvernet on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Vincent Duvernet


We're managing IT network for a customer using Solidworks 2K12 SP5 under Win 7 Pro x64 Fr.

Datas are stored on a Fujitsu Server with RAID10 storage.

Network is Gigabit (Netgear 724Tv4)


We've done Windows file transfer operation yesterday in both way on multiple computers.

Values are between 50 & 110 Mo/s so there's no network bottleneck.


But each datas loaded / saved from Solidworks to the remote network drive takes so many minutes for a few 100 Mo files.

Saving on a local drive has no problem.


Windows network monitoring reveal a low bandwidth usage of Solidworks.


1) Is this a known problem ? Can we increase this ?

2) I would like to try with a newer version (2018 SP4) to check is problem is the same or not but the only version I've found for trial is an online one.  Can't we try on a fresh computer ?