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Component pattern of toolbox parts issues

Question asked by Sergio Monti on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Sergio Monti

Hi guys, I'm having big issues on derived pattern of toolbox parts.

I have an assembly with 3 different configurations. In the first 2 configurations everything is fine. The patterned screws and washers in the third configuration are different from the seed component.

What's the problem? It was fine few 'clicks' ago. Then, at some point, the screws and washers changed.

I'm using SW2017. I've never had any problems in the past with toolbox when using SW2015.

I can't even manually change the parts, as it's a pattern and I can't configure component in patterned parts.


Configuration 1


Configuration 2


Configuration 3


I attached the model, you might need to replace toolbox parts (that could be populated automatically with the ones in your system) with the ones I included in the folder.

Any help is appreciated.