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3D Mouse Causes Part or Assembly to Disappear when Opening

Question asked by Lee Wamble on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by Lee Wamble

Has anyone else seen this? Just since switching to 2018 I get the following: when opening the first part or assembly of a SolidWorks session (doesn't matter if I pick the file from the dropdown list or the quick access menu that opens at the start) I have to take my hand off my 3D mouse (Space Navigator) because if I move the part or assembly even a tiny bit during the loading process the whole thing becomes invisible. The feature tree is there and looks correct but nothing shows on the screen and no re-centering or toggling of views seems to bring it back. I have to close the file and reopen to make it visible. Subsequent openings are fine. But if I restart SW the problem recurs. Minor problem, yes, but unnerving.


System diagnostics shows all systems with green check marks.