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Files Checked Out From A State That Doesn't Allow Check Out

Question asked by Calvin Nelson on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2009 by Mike Sveda
Anybody ever experience having files get checked out, even though they are in a state which should not allow check out?
One of the guys was working on some changes. He changed the state of a part which was created as a mirror of another part from Production to Change. He didn't change the state on the reference part, so it remained in the Production state. When he realized that he was working with a mirrored part, he went to check out the referenced part and found that it was already marked as Checked Out by him, even though it was still in the Production state. Worse yet, it still came up as Read-Only, despite being checked-out.
On top of that, we found that the assemblies, all the way to the top level assemblies, that used these files also ended getting checked out, even though they were in the Production state.
I've verified that Nobody but Admin has permissions that allow Check Out of a file in the Production State.
I have not had an opportunity to recreate the issue, but wanted to see if anyone else had seen this or knew of this "undocumented feature."
I've notified my vary, but not heard back, yet.


XP Pro 64
SW 09-2.1
SWEPDM 09-2.0
SQL Server 2005

Update: I confirmed the issue. When the state is changed on the original part, the mirrored parts and all assemblies where it is used are checked out. There is no indication that this will happen and they are NOT checked back in when the original part is checked in.
This happens on an XP Pro 32 client, too, so it's not a 64-bit thing.
The information is being forwarded on to my VAR. I will update with resolution once achieved.
Until then, watch out for files getting checked out without notification.