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Lofted Boss/Base via VBA macro

Question asked by Justin Holder on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Justin Holder

I'm new to the forum and have tried more times than I can count to figure out my problem. So far I can perform the outlined below process by using the GUI for creating a rotor blade and section of the hub wheel. The steps are


1) Insert Curve by XYZ points: I have 21 3D closed section curves which are essentially 3D airfoils (e.g., secCrv1.sldcrv through secCrv21.sldcrv) which show as Curve1 through Curve21 in the Feature Tree.

2) I then create fill-surfaces for the first and last section curves (Curve1 and Curve21, respectively)

3) There are then 24 additional 3D curves that serve as guide curves that I insert by XYZ points found in *.sldcrv files which create Curve22 through Curve45

4) I select Lofted Boss/Base. The profiles are, in order: Surface-Fill1, Curve2 through Curve20, and Surface-Fill2. The guide curves are Curve22 through Curve45

5) The created loft generates a rotor blade

6) A similar process creates the hub wheel


So far I've figured out how to do all of the above steps through a macro EXCEPT creating the loft. I've attempted using CreateLoftBody2 as well as InsertProtrusionBlend2 with no success. I'm hoping to replicate the exact process I do in the GUI within a macro. Can anyone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong? Note that I'm currently using version 2016. Also, attached is my macro (also shown below). I appreciate any and all advice as I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out.Thanks!!!




When I run the below macro (with the lines regarding lofting commented out) I then get a "skeletal" shape of my geometry as shown in pic 1. There are many curves and 4 surfaces (non-planar). The surfaces serve as profiles to loft between.

Pic 1:



With the script completed, I then have to manually select "Lofted Boss/Base" within the GUI (this is the part I'd like to incorporate into the macro). The loft preview is shown in pic 2.

Pic 2:



After accepting the loft, the completed blade is shown in pic 3.

Pic 3:



With the blade loft completed, several similar steps are performed to complete the section of the rotor hub disk. These operations include a "Lofted Boss/Base" (similar to above) to complete the the rotor hub disk, an "Extruded Cut" of a cylinder along the rotation axis (e.g., a circle is drawn on the "Right Plane," and the extruded cut is "Through All - Both"), and lastly a fillet is added to the blade root. Pic 4 shows the completed geometry.

Pic 4: