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Simulate Different Lengths Easily?

Question asked by Josh Barnett on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Taylor Duran

Good afternoon all,


This is a two-part question...


First I have a profile I want to extrude in 2 ft sections, and then run an analysis, using 1 fixed and 1 roller fixture. So for example, extrude 2ft then run sim, extrude to 4ft, all the values stay the same, rerun simulation, extrude to 6ft, etc...


Seems simple enough, but I am getting non-consistent values. The Von Mises stress starts high, goes lower, then shoots up to a value which triggers the large displacement calculations.


Can someone help me with this issue?


Issue #2.

What is the easily way to calculate the maximum force before yielding occurs? Right now I'm guessing, running analysis, then checking the results. I know there's an easier way but I am clueless.


In other news, I passed my CSWP last week!!! (Thanks for all the help, everyone!)