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Linking Multi-Configuration Part to Master Sketch causes Dimensions to Cross

Question asked by Nick Coy on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Nick Coy

I have a piece of aluminum extrusion that i would like to make multiple configurations of and link the extrusion lengths to a Master Sketch which is a 3D sketch. The part is at the same tree level as the master sketch. The equation that drives the extrusion length is "D1@Boss-Extrude1" = "Leg@3DSketch1@Ref_Geometry<1>.Part"


Ref_Geometry is my Master Sketch and this is in the same assembly (Leg Pair<1>.Assembly) as the Part. I have added "@Leg Pair<1>.Assembly" to the end of my equation as well but not all of my configurations will except this as a valid dimension. Mainly what is happening is my three configuration lengths of extrusion are all showing up as the same dimension.


Is my syntax wrong? Should i be using GV instead? ideally i would like to just link the extruded lengths directly to the Master sketch.


Ultimately I am trying to build a stand out of aluminum extrusion and the reference geometry is controlled by a Design Table