Mark Fallaize

Installing SolidWorks SP2.1 on an RM CC3 Network

Discussion created by Mark Fallaize on Mar 12, 2009
Anbody been able to install SolidWorks SP2.1 successfully on to an RM CC3 network? I've followed the CC3 instructions that came with the software to the letter 3 or 4 times and had no luck and then made slight alterations to the what the instructions were advising and still got nowhere. I opened a support call with RM and they were useless and basically just said we should pay them to make the package for us. I've got .net framework 3.5 and the Visual C++ Runtime 2005 packages installing ok but when it comes to installing SP2.1 it just sits on the application installer box for a couple of hours, says finalising and then when you check the station package control .ini file it says the installation failed.

Anyone else had similar problems and if so was there a particular way to solve it? Patches/hotfixes etc?

Thanks in advance