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    3d PDF of Flow Trajectories in model

    Andrew Spare

      I would like to export my flow simulation to a 3d PDF for easy sharing.   Is there a way to do this?   Basically I want to set the model to show the things I want on the screen and then create a 3d PDF of it.  When I do a Save As from the Simulation it just saves the model as a 3d PDF

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          John Pesaturo

          Andrew, I don't do any simulation studies so I can't say that it's the best route to take but I too encounter any number of times that what I want to capture on screen disappears once something else is selected. When this happens I go to my trusty screen capture tool (almost all of them will work the same but I use the built in Windows "Snipping Tool") and use as needed.


          I'm not aware of any that have the capability to save out as a 3D PDF but I'm no snip-it tool guru so it doesn't mean there isn't one out there that will ... Hope it helps



          Ninja Edit: A little old but some more info can be found here ...

          save a screenshot as a PDF within SW?