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Visualize 2019 Impact of Locked Configurations - Bug?

Question asked by Bill Toft on Nov 7, 2018

I have a project that has a SolidWorks model of a carport and I wanted to render it with and without cars. And with 4 locked camera views for rendering. I downloaded some free cars from TurboSquid (FBX & 3DS formats).

I set up the Default configuration with the carport and the cars. I set up a derived configuration ("with Cars") then hid the cars in the Default configuration. I then clicked on the "Lock" option for the derived configuration.

First I rendered Default 4 times (one for each camera). All went as expected.

I then switched to the "with Cars" configuration and rendered 4 times (one for each camera).

I use local Visualize Queue and the preview shows the desired camera view.

BUT when I looked at the rendered images, the 4 "with Cars" renders ALL had the camera view that was active when I locked the configurations!!!


So, if "lock" means the configuration is locked, why can I switch between cameras in Visualize? And why does the Queue preview show the desired camera view, but render the original camera view?


One other thing (that may be related) is that I was getting an NVidia error popup ("NVidia 386.07 window kernel model stopped & restarted"). It only happened to the 3 "other" camera views of "with Cars". And those renders failed. (I rebooted my PC and re-rendered those 3 views and they rendered without errors, but used the original camera view.)

I am using Windows 7 and a K3100M with the 386.07 driver.